About Aluva Agencies

With over 20 years of experience in the selling and installing of smokeless ovens and other hardware items, our workers provide the best quality and installation for smokeless ovens. Our store also sells good quality hardware items at an affordable price.Our Services Include Providing Workers for Home Maintenance, Installation of Smokeless Ovens, Selling of Hardware Items. Aluva Agencies fits a smokeless oven into each and every personalized home and restaurants. We try our best to ensure a smooth installation for every home and restaurants.

No Wall Darkness

The wall paints will not be damaged because there is no smoke from this type of aduppu.

Wastage Disposal

A large amount of waste can be disposed using this technique without any harmful smokes.

Smoke Less

It Is Thermodynamically Designed With Air-Holes That Provide Adequate Oxygen To The Burning Firewood.

Aluva aduppu most use full identified the issues involved in the cooking methods generally followed in Kerala kitchens. Most of the rural and some of the urban families depended mainly on firewood for cooking. The traditional three stone hearth (oven) was the normal cooking mechanism. In this the cooking pot is kept above the three stones (stones fixed in a triangular form) and firewood burned in the hollow space at the bottom. Naturally, the people (woman in most of the houses) who attend to this take lot of strain to burn the firewood and help boiling the contents in the pot.

On study it was seen that only about 10% of the temperatures generated by the burning of the firewood were used for cooking purpose, rest of it was wasted. Additionally the smoke emitting out was giving lot of trouble to those in the kitchen, especially the one who attended to cooking, very often leading to lung complaints.

Why To Choose Us ?

We are a leading service provider of smokeless stove setting and have 18 years of experience. We provide a wide range of modern smokeless stove with valuable warranty. We setup these stoves at houses and hotels at reasonable prices. Our service is fast and reliable.We design and install these systems as per customers' requirements. In designing a smokeless stove, we sought to evacuate all smoke without decreasing thermal efficiency and without employing external power.

Our Recent Works

Thomas Philip, Kollam

We have created Aluva Aduppu at Mr. Thomas Philip, house at Kollam.

Kumar C, Aluva

We have created Aluva Aduppu at Mr. Kumar C, restaurant at Aluva.

Suresh Panicker, Thrissur

We have created Aluva Aduppu at Suresh Panicker, home at Thrissur.

Reghu V, Kollam

We have created Aluva Aduppu at Reghu V, home at Kollam.

Venugopalan B, Trivandrum

We have created Aluva Aduppu at Venugopalan B, hotel at Trivandrum.

Franklin F, Kochi

We have created Aluva Aduppu at factory of Franklin F, Trivandrum for waste disposal.